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Tadaweb Female in STEM Scholarship Awarded

As the female founder of a technology company I understand first hand just how few of us there are, not only as founders, but in the tech and upper management scene in general. At the same time I also know just how valuable we can be to our companies, and to the future of technology. Although my emphasis is usually placed on empowering those of us already within the sector to “lean in” and speak up, it is also important we advocate to disrupt the issue at it’s core - education.

In response, earlier this year, Tadaweb created a scholarship at my old secondary school in New Zealand, Hauraki Plains College that was to provide a young, high achieving woman with a financial scholarship for tertiary studies in a STEM degree. The winner of the scholarship was Celine Pirie, an ambitious young woman that will be moving to Palmerston North to embark upon a Food Technology Degree.

Celine was very excited to receive the Tadaweb scholarship, and upon asking her what drives her to study technology, she explained the following:

“I have lived on a dairy farm my whole life which has allowed me to see the importance of food to the world. Living on a farm I learn quickly that milk doesn’t actually come from a bottle, in fact it is a long process to get from the cow to the shop. It was this process on how milk could be turned into butter, cream and yoghurt that really lured me to the food technology degree. I also recently went on an exchange to China which really opened my eyes to food around the world and it’s importance.”

Tadaweb intends to follow Celine through her studies and help her where possible to achieving her future dreams. On asking Celine where she hoped her studies would take her, she explained:

In the future I hope to work with Fonterra, and to one day own my own business in the food industry. The food Technology degree will really help me to reach my goals.

Tadaweb intends to continue to encourage and support not only blossoming young female techies, but also the future generations in general. As a company, we strongly believe that education and knowledge are crucial in increasing the number of women in technology, as well as working to make tomorrow a better place for the generations to follow.

All the best Celine! We are very proud of you.



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